MARSEILLE // Promenade around the MuCEM

If you are coming to Marseille, here is at least one thing to do: no excuses!

MuCEM for Museum of the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean is the new attraction of MP2013

As a new Marseille citizen, I recommand the promenade starting from le Vieux Port and le Panier (oldest district of Marseille) till the MuCEM site. You will cross two amazing flying footbridges and then the well-refreshed Fort Saint Jean which is also part of the museum. A pleasant promenade to discover a singular part of the city.

As an architect I had to show you the beauty of this place. Shadows' games, transparency, landscape framing, the deep blue sea, perfect concrete only... This is the mediterranean architecture with excellence. The place is so magic that I already went 5 times without taking the time to see exhibitions...

Designed by the local architect Rudy Ricciotti.


By A.